5G Mobile Edge Computing

THE BENEFIT: 360-degree video creates unique and personalized remote-presence experiences for every user.

THE CHALLENGE: when viewing 360 video, FoV for each user is no more than 170-degrees at any given moment, meaning 190-degrees of video is consuming precious bandwidth and CPU/GPU resources on device. Additionally, for experiences to feel immersive, glass-to-glass (i.e. camera lens to phone screen) latency needs to be incredibly low.

THE SOLUTION: optimize every viewer's stream at the telecom edge based on their personal view port, resulting in lower on-device power consumption and bandwidth optimization of up to 80% with ultra low-latency enabling realtime in-stream immersive communication.
Connect with 5G MEC and go live in seconds!
video walls
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MEC adds value at every level, but at the very first step—INGEST, MEC is a game changer!
Mobile 5G opens a whole new
of possibilities

Setting up high quality immersive live streams typically requires on-location professional crews to ensure network connectivity and technical installations, a costly endeavor. With 5G edge compute, connectivity is wireless, and applications are run from low-latency cloud edge nodes reducing the need for on-site tech crews. Simply connect and go live in seconds!