5G+ Video Wall

5G+ Video Wall elevates live events by blending physical and virtual realms, creating memorable moments for both participants and spectators. Whether you’re in the front row or live streaming from afar, this technology ensures an unforgettable experience.

Available as an on-premise solution, via cloud edge computing, or as an add-on to live streaming platforms, 5G+ Video Wall adds remote participants or virtual spectators to live events, from concerts, esports, live shopping, red carpets, and more. Supporting Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) & telecom services, 5G+ Video Wall enables real-time immersive interaction with virtual spectators projected on to displays & LED panels of any size.

Projected on to large displays, LED panels of any size...
video walls
video walls 1 video walls 2 video walls 3
...or LCD monitors (desktops & laptops)
5G+ Video Wall transforms live events and live shopping spaces into dynamic storytelling arenas
  • Choose your Layout
  • Brand Colours & Styles
  • Add Media
  • Invite Participants
  • ...
customize the experience based on your event

Add a 5G connection, log in to the Odience portal, download the Video Wall app, and go live with remote participants and virtual spectators. Invite viewers to the video wall, display live messages and images, or interactive elements ranging from live polls to live shopping. Moderate content with human moderators and/or automated AI.

With 5G+ VideoWall, you’ll elevate your audience’s experience and keep them engaged throughout the event

⤓ Download 5G+ Video Wall app for Windows: director.odience.com