Odience, Video Wall & Verse

04/03/24: Summit providing platforms for telcos to metamorphose into TechCos, bridging the gap between bytes & human experience.

AVAILABLE APRIL 3rd '24: Announcing Summit’s Odience v2024, 5G+ Video Wall, and the new IMS+RCS Verse Messages—innovations that are a symphony of technological marvels! Let’s break down the crescendo:

  • ◼︎ Odience v2024:

    A glimpse into the future, where EDGE Computing, Telecom APIs, and AI converge. Imagine the possibilities—seamless connectivity, lightning-fast response times, and personalized experiences. Odience immersive live streaming leveraging MEC acts as the bridge between today’s communication and tomorrow’s immersive spatial platforms.

  • ◼︎ 5G+ Video Wall:

    A canvas that defies boundaries. Picture a mosaic of high-definition screens, from video calls to interactive media, each pulsating with life. From immersive advertisements to live event streaming, the 5G+ Video Wall transforms live events and live shopping spaces into dynamic storytelling arenas. It’s not just pixels; it’s a portal to new dimensions.

  • ◼︎ IMS+RCS Verse Messages:

    The language of communication evolves. Rich Communication Services (RCS)—a harmony of rich text, images, and interactive elements. Conversations become vibrant tapestries, woven media, location, map & sketch sharing, read receipts, video calls & RCS chatbots with GPT. The verse of connectivity has never been more eloquent.

And the platforms! iOS, Android, MacOS, Meta Quest—our audience awaits, tapping their screens in anticipation. BUT WAIT, there’s more! WEB & APPLE Vision PRO join the cast—A MUST SEE. The stage expands, and the spotlight widens. Odience embraces all, from handheld devices to augmented reality spectacles.

And those 360 cameras—now both consumer-friendly and professional-grade—gracefully capturing reality from every angle, stitching moments into immersive experiences. Explore realms beyond reality with our recently introduced support for 3D environments. Our users can sculpt worlds, molding pixels into immersive and engaging environments. It’s not just technology; it’s the artistry of connections.

The heartbeat of it all? AI—the maestro orchestrating behind the scenes. Whether simply chatting or seamlessly integrated into spatial environments, RCS GPT Chatbots engage in conversations through enhanced interactions, and edge-based AI image processing paints reality with neural hues.

So here’s to our team at Summit—the architects of this ensemble. Launching one innovation is a feat; launching them all? That’s a standing ovation. Encore, encore!



MONTREAL Nov. 1, 2023: We've been busy over the past year updating Odience to be faster and smarter (wonders of AI), including making it simpler to use with 360 cameras and video walls. To ensure all this goodness is made available to a larger audience, (or shall we say Odience ;-) we are launching across a wider range of platforms and adding a slew of new and exciting features to elevate the immersive experience with engaging levels of social interaction. A major release is targeted in Q1 2024. Stay tuned!

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Odience 360 MEC Live Streaming goes LIVE!

MONTREAL, December 15th, 2021: Summit Tech announces the launch of the Odience 360 Live Streaming platform on Verizon 5G AWS Wavelength. Odience enables immersive 360 live streaming for retailers offering live stream shopping, eSports clubs holding virtual tournaments, sports and concerts with virtual spectators, or any type of event which can benefit from virtual and remote participation services.

AWS Wavelength provides access to 5G Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) infrastructure which enables 360 streaming at scale on carrier networks. By providing ultra low-latency compute infrastructure, which is directly connected to the Verizon 5G RAN, Wavelength enables many of the Odience platform's real time features including the ability to provide hyper-personalized and optimized streams to every user by dynamically allocating compute resources at the mobile edge. In typical networks, the challenges of delivering personalized streams on a per-user basis is limited by latency issues and network bandwidth at scale. AWS Wavelength allows Odience deployment across distributed computing nodes closer to mobile users, which helps deliver breakthrough real time user experiences via super low latency and network efficiencies enabling Odience to effectively scale. Odience, a 360 virtual streaming platform with embedded communication between viewers and the live streamers. Create your account and start streaming live events, or view content with your friends!

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